How to use Unique Check - Guide

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Unique Check is seo tool to check Articles uniqueness.

How to use Guide: Tool search for random combination of words every time when you click at button. Default number of words to search is seven - about 30 to 50 symbols.

Unique Check in Unique Articles - Guide in YouTube

With article spinner and substitutions with synonyms in Unique Articles you can randomize your texts to achieve higher article uniqueness and avoid duplicate content penalty in google.

First open some website and copy some text. Paste text in top field in This will activate substitutions with synonyms from english synonym database. Than click on button "Shuffle the sentences" couple of times. Every time you will get new texts.

Text is readeable by human but how to check level of uniqueness? By default google check texts for some strings, for some number of words etc. Is not known exact number that is used in google algorithm, but most of seos say that default is 7 to 9 words.

So, if most of your combinations of SEVEN words in some article are unique, you have probably 90-100% unique text. Open menu "Unique Check". Than select "Number of keywords" to seven, paste your text in field "Article content" and click on button "Get random phrase and search in Google" couple of times.

Copy some text and paste in tool. Click on "Search Google" button at bottom four-five times and every time you will see list with websites where part of this text is present.

If after couple of checks with number of keywords SEVEN there are no results (or only one result - from Your website), you have 100% unique text!
If in 100 words text 10 checks with "7 words" option there are 4-5 different results, uniqueness of text is about 40-50%!