The 5 Worst Soccer Predictions of all time

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Today with the advancement of technology and a growing soccer audience, betting has become an important aspect of modern sports with many betting sites like rapidly emerging. As such, former soccer players and managers have taken up the role of newspapers, radio and television commentary pundit’s where they give their opinion on a specific game as expects in the sport to help potential betters which has occasionally led to some of the worst soccer predictions of all time.At number 5 in the worst soccer predictions list came in the 1998 football world cup semifinal match between England and Argentina. The match had ended as a 2 all draw resulting in a penalty shootout. The final penalty fell to England and David Batty stepped up to take it. By scoring that penalty, David would give England a fighting chance while failure to score would mean that England were to lose. Commenting for the BBC was former England
international Kevin Keegan and knew David Batty quite well having shared a dressing room with him both at Newcastle and England.
Keegan predicted categorically that his former team mate wouldn’t miss such a penalty. However, Batty missed the penalty and Keegan prediction was horribly wrong.In fourth place is Stuart Pearce who was once quoted on the Sun newspaper predicting that David Bergkamp after just signing for arsenal from Inter Milan would be a flop in the premier league. Bergkamp had a rough time at inter Milan culminating to his sale to arsenal and this had informed the basis of Pearce argument. However, contrary to Pearce prediction, Bergamp went on to become one of the best players in the premier league history and an arsenal legend.
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In third position is John Barnes who when commentating for the BBC in the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final match between Chelsea and Bayern Munich predicted that Chelsea would lose badly. At the time Chelsea were under a caretaker manager, Roberto Di Mateo and most people believed that they had been lucky to get to the finals. On the other hand, Bayern were considered to be a more superior team and in good form. However, contrarily to everybody’s expectations and Barnes prediction Chelsea won the match in post-match penalties and lifted the trophy for the first time in their history.At number two is Alan Hansen comments on Sky Sports in 1995 where he was a Match of the Day pundit when he predicted that there is no any team is capable of winning a league title with Kids. This was after Manchester united had lost 2 goals to 1 in their first match of the 1995-1996 season against Aston villa. At the time United had a team with an average of 26 and their key players below 25 years. However, Manchester united went on to win the league title and an FA cup that season and Hansen has been mocked for his comments to date.Finally in first position was in the 2005 UEFA Champions League Final pitting Liverpool and AC Milan. At halftime Milan were leading by three goals to Liverpool’s zero. All football experts predicted that Liverpool had lost the match as there is no team in the history of the champion’s league had been able to come back from a match trailing with two goals at half time. However, against all odds Liverpool made a comeback by the final whistle and went on to
lift the trophy through a penalty shootout making it the worst soccer predictions of all time.