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Industrial chances of the commercial real estate in Bulgaria

Written by Unique Articles. Posted in Blog

Industrial chances of the commercial real estate in Bulgaria Despite the obvious rise of the price in the last few years, the commercial real estate in Bulgaria still holds on to its position at the bottom of the price list table in Europe. Or should we say that the country actually tops the ranking for most affordable business properties?

Two statements made from different angles and points of view – one reality showing that Bulgaria continues to be a favorable area for trade and production domains investment. Speaking of the commercial real estate in Bulgaria or anywhere the frame often is limited to office buildings and retail spaces.

These types are on the display while the industrial zones and logistic areas stay away from the focus being located mostly on the outskirts of big cities or in sparsely populated districts. But all these warehouses and garages, distribution centers and business-to-business offices play their significant role contributing to the whole positive trend. Let’s make it clear – factories and farms do not fall into this category but supporting facilities linked to such production areas and designed for storage and distribution comply with the definition.

The industrial kind of the commercial real estate in BulgariaThe industrial kind of the commercial real estate in Bulgaria has a strong potential that hasn’t been developed yet. Even for these areas, the demand is higher than the supply shows a report published by Forton. The rental rates reasonably do not change much and the average level of 4 Euro per square meter remains stable yet five percent higher on annual basis. The rental yield show no tendency to rise – actually, it’s slowed down a bit, but still in terms of profitability represents a leader in numbers for such objects throughout Europe. And a drawback is not expected anytime soon so this type of commercial real estate offers one of the best opportunities for property investment in the country.